Thursday, November 12, 2009

sincere naseeha

People whose hearts have not been sealed and who are sincere seekers of truth even when it goes against their desires, Allah gives them the truth. If you are led by desires, your heart will remain sealed. Desires aren't just about money or sex. It's power, it's for things to be done a certain way, for the status quo, whatever. Don't think you're not a slave to your desires because you call yourself a dervish.

People who spread lies about the former murids are bad enough but those of you spending your Ramadan doing it are dipping toes into something you should shrink from. Think about it. Have some shame with Allah, because He knows the truth and you know He does! Just spend your Ramadan concentrating on sincerity with Him and He will show you the straight path, inshaAllah. So concentrate on your sincerity and tawheed for the rest of Ramadan, and let the dogs stay sniffing nether regions, like they're prone to.

I again call upon Noah Keller to answer the call of public discussion from the Arab shaykh, who Noah claims has no qualifications. Let the matter be clear and on the record! Ask him to clear this matter up with the shaykh himself, with witnesses on hand, so that there is no doubt. There should be none to fear but Allah, and who is right with Allah doesn't fear the light shining upon him. You can write to Noah here, encouraging him to make sure that his words are recorded clearly and accurately in these and other matters. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the public gaze or the scrutiny of other scholars, right? And after all, the shaykh has shown no hesitation when it comes to warning against others who say they are scholars or promoting debate about scholars in writing. Oh shaykh, bring your proof to him if you are truthful in what you are saying!

None of them is above the call to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, and none of the Muslims are absolved from giving them this call when we see wrongdoing. If the other shaykhs choose not to do it - or if they are ignored when they give their naseeha, which has happened - then it should come from us, the commoners. They are our brothers and sisters in Islam, and they deserve the care and guiding hands of the Muslims, even those of us who are supposedly not equal to them. Don't fall into the mindset of the followers of other religions. None among us is without sin and wrongdoing. Not even them. Not even if he says he is without sin. Such words should raise in our minds alarms of concern for his state.

I again join with those who call on Noah, Besa, Hedaya, Ashraf, and the rest to turn to Allah in repentance, because you are not promised tomorrow. You are not promised tomorrow Hedaya. Besa, your hour can end at any moment of Allah's choosing. Stop with your threats. Stop the abuse. Do you love Allah or do you love power? Please, go to Allah with this, and give up that which you cannot handle, Noah. Is this a test that you will fail? Or will you do all that you must do to pass it? I want the best for you, even at the end of all this. I don't want you to suffer the testimony of all of us that you have abused and wronged on the day when the words of the oppressed carry so much weight. Please think about what sicknesses you are imparting upon the murids, Muslims, when you teach them to revile and despise the sincere naseeha of the Muslims, and when you teach them to violate the strong words of Allah in the Quran when he forbids spying, slander, backbiting, arrogance, and abuse. You are leading these people into sin. Please, I am begging you - do what you KNOW is right, because you are not too good to have no shame before Allah.

So, with that, I sincerely pray for all of you reading, including yes you in Kharabsheh even Noah and Besa and Hedaya, that you continue to have an amazing Ramadan full of blessing and opening from Allah. True openings.