Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Visitors, Present and Future

Although my story is finished, the blog will be here to serve as a warning, a reminder, a truth.

To the visitors from Jordan - and you are the majority of my readers - I give you a warm salam.

I want to point out that I never once linked to the blogs where the fitnah was out of control and false stories were told about the sufis' practices (like drinking certain substances). I blocked comments so that those people who created trouble could not do it here. There is no dilution of the story, no distraction that you or them can create here. I will not provide you a space to discredit the women whose stories I have told. Nor will I provide people with a space that they can use to call all sufis misguided. I still believe there is a difference between a cult and a genuine tariqa, although my personal choice is to part ways with all tariqas.

This is about human beings who were destroyed, taken advantage of, and abused. If we wished to do so, the ex-murids of the tariqas could fill blogs with stories of heartache. You have your sites where you can polish these guys up and make them look shiny and wonderful. You have amassed considerable financial advantages over the ex-murids -- usually through using the murids, ex and otherwise. You post a bayan or say a word and a person finds himself without friends.

This is one person saying no to you, helping others say no to you, and calling upon you to rectify yourself with Allah before He rectifies you on the day when there is no shade.

This is one person calling on you to wake up.